I’m struggling to get on board with this “influencer” thing

So Instagram used to be fun, and somewhere where you’d just post pics of yourself and your friends. My newsfeed would just be my friend’s photos or celebrities. Mixed in with a lot of cute animals and funny videos. Now my discover page is just young women In clothes. Look I love that women are making it in a way that’s interesting and appealing to them, and there are some people I love to follow.

But what do you mean, you’re an influencer??? What are you influencing exactly? My bank account yes, but what actual message are you sending? Lots of people are going to go and buy these outfits, which these people have probably gotten for free. It’s pretty clear who’s winning from this set up.

I love fashion, and I love that you can make a creative career from it. But there’s something I don’t like about using the term influencer. For me an influencer is someone who influences a positive reaction, positive change, awareness etc. Now that Instagram has this transparency rule where “influencers” have to say what’s gifted and what’s sponsored etc, its really made me realise just HOW everything I’m being told to buy, they didn’t buy. And what’s with this only wearing one outfit once? Negative consumerism people, that’s all that I see being influenced.

There are some fashion and beauty bloggers that encourage people to speak out about mental health, and are supportive, or some that encourage fitness. Then there’s those who have had their own personal battles and have used Instagram as an amazing platform to encourage people to speak up, support each other, and are being a great role model.

These are influencers.

Then there’s people like Camilla Thurlow. The Love Island star who used to literally clear landmines, and has gone back to do it again since. In conjunction with this she is always supporting charities, speaking out about what is actually going on in the World, and is a strong feminist role model.  In comparison to most reality TV stars, who basically just turn into the influencers mentioned above, she’s pretty great.

Again this an influencer.

If I wanted someone to influence me I’d want them to do it in a positive way. Educate me about all the bad shit that’s going on in the world, and how we can help. Influence positive body image, or a bit of reality.

Telling me to buy a bunch of clothes, that you either got for free, or have an “affiliate” link to, is not an influencer to me. And honestly, my bank account just isn’t feeling you anymore.

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