Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It’s the time for change.

Its sexual assault awareness month. It’s the time to encourage positive change, for people to feel confident to speak out, and to educate about consent.

There is no excuse for sexual assault, and we all have a role to play.


There’s a twitter thread trending across universities in Nottingham and Leicester at the moment that is revealing males who have raped or sexually assaulted women at uni. The thread has gotten hundreds of retweets and thousands of views. The president of a society at the University of Nottingham has even been named and shamed. Since the thread has come out several women have come forward about not just him, but of numerous other males.


Another screenshot:

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 11.30.08

You’re never wrong, or stupid, or overreacting. And it is definitely not your fault. If you feel like a male has EVER pushed the boundaries, or made you feel uncomfortable, do not feel like you cannot talk to someone, no matter how long ago it was. He may not have raped you but he could do it to others, and the more we speak up, the more we can deter and prevent this from happening.


But It’s not just women that are the victims. At the same time, the law needs to change for females who commit rape or sexual assault too. Legally only a person with a penis can commit rape. And a female can only be found guilty of rape if they assist a male perpetrator in an attack. Why are we assuming it’s just men that can sexually assault?


This is not just a Leicester and Nottingham problem.

Consent is still not taught in school, or college, or university.

The law needs to change on consent and sexual assault

We need to feel comfortable speaking out.

This is an ongoing process

And we are all responsible.


(search @i_am_more_than_ on twitter or into google to see the full thread)

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